The Five Pound Bag

We all know the drill. We have a thousand things to say and five seconds or less to convey the message. We pen five hundred words for an ad or web site landing page when we know we have to shave off eighty percent of that content. What we fail to realize is that all that content tends to chase off eighty percent of our target audience.

BrandingBlog4Successful advertising depends on strong branding messages. Short and to the point is a quick rule of thumb. But deeper than that it’s about knowing what your customers find most appealing about your company. The Harley Davidson slogan, “American by Birth. Rebel by Choice” hits the nail on the head. Harley Davidson is an American icon, selling motorcycles that cost as much as high-end automobiles. Arguably, Disney is the greatest entertainment company of all time. Disneyland boasts, “The happiest place on earth.” Who wouldn’t want to be there? Are you familiar with the cost of a Disney vacation? It makes Tahiti a bargain.

Logically, companies want to share every aspect of their business; their list of products/services, business hours, weekly, monthly and annual promotions, plus three different phone numbers, email addresses and WOE! It’s just a five pound bag. The real message quickly gets watered down. Ads including excessive information tend to drive away potential patrons who assume they are getting all the info they need and thus have no motivation to contact you.

Let’s face it. People really don’t read anymore. When they see two hundred words in an ad they are more likely to run away screaming. Thus, the saying, “Less is more”. People tend to ponder one liners for extended periods, even chant them to themselves repeatedly and use them as personal slogans. “Just do it” – “Finger linkin’ Good” – “Live in your world, play in ours.” – “Save money. Live better.”

Boiling it all down: Branding is all about making the complex simple. It’s about finding those few words that speak volumes. Nothing in a company marketing department warrants a brainstorming session more than slogan branding. Ask loyal customers, friends, and family what they like about your business and boil it down into five words or less. Brand it, stand by it and proliferate. Contact us, WDA can help.